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Don’t let the fear of expensive treatment keep you from discovering your options!

When new patients call our office after months or years of trying to get pregnant or having miscarriages, their primary concerns are:  first and foremost, what can we do to have a child and, understandably also important, can we afford the treatment?  There are many options available today for women and their spouses or partners to be able to successfully conceive and carry a pregnancy to birth.  Don’t let the fear of expensive treatment keep you from at least learning what options are available for you.

As Kurt Barnhart, president of the Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, presented in a recent article in USA Today, although the most high-tech treatment can cost thousands of dollars and is often not covered by insurance policies, not everyone needs the high-tech treatment.  Sometimes advice or simple treatment is all that is needed.  Sometimes surgery to correct an underlying medical condition is all that is needed.  If that is the case, the surgery may be covered by your insurance even if you don’t have coverage for fertility treatment.  If you learn that your options do include high-tech treatment and you need help paying for the treatment, we offer affordable financing administered by ARC (

If you are hesitant to contact a specialist for help because of the fear of treatment costs, keep in mind that you may not need the expensive, high-tech treatment.  Isn’t it worth the cost of a consultation to find out what your options might be, determine what those options cost, and then decide if it is something you can do?  Don’t let the fear of expensive treatment keep you from moving one step closer to realizing your dream of having a child!

You can read the entire USA Today article by following this link:

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