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Infertility Surgery

A major emphasis of Fertility & Endocrine Associates is an efficient evaluation of couples’ combined fertility challenges. In many cases, there is not an absolute cause for infertility but several sub-fertile factors that lead to the couple’s difficulty in conceiving their first child or subsequent children after they have either had a child or experienced miscarriage. In many of these cases, the causes are hidden and cannot be found or treated properly without the use of surgery.

Dr. Homm has completed extensive training in the areas of gynecologic and reproductive surgery of the female and has been at the forefront of adopting the latest minimally invasive procedures in the treatment of infertility. He has taught both practicing gynecologists and surgeons in the techniques of laser laparoscopy and served as an industry consultant in the development of hysteroscopy and laparoscopy equipment. Laser laparoscopy and hysteroscopy have shown tremendous benefits to patients over traditional surgeries requiring major incisions, hospital stays and long recovery times.   These new techniques have been proven to minimize the formation of scar tissue which is detrimental to fertility. Most importantly, these minimally invasive procedures are both diagnostic and at the same time allow for immediate correction of abnormalities discovered eliminating the need for multiple surgeries.

Today, most fertility surgeries are completed on an outpatient basis with minimal recovery time of just days. In most cases, the couple will return to efforts at conception within one to two months. Conditions that are commonly addressed by hysteroscopy and laser laparoscopy include congenital (birth) abnormalities of the uterus, scar tissue within or outside the uterus, fibroids, and endometriosis.

Occasionally, major open surgery is necessary for complex cases. Dr. Homm has great experience in surgeries to conserve the reproductive organs. In many of these cases, powerful operating microscopes are utilized with laser technology. Microscopic tubal anastomosis (re-attaching) the tubes after sterilization procedures and removal of numerous or very large fibroids are examples of gynecologicconditions frequently handled by the surgical team.

While surgery can be a daunting prospect to anyone, when patients are properly evaluated for the necessity and the surgery is expertly completed, most patients will achieve pregnancy with little or no additional therapies. At Fertility & Endocrine Associates, we understand how important a thorough explanation regarding the need for surgery is and we provide extensive literature regarding the types of surgery and options. Post-operatively, extensive use of pictures and in some cases, video made during the surgery, is utilized to plan the patient’s subsequent treatment.

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