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Male Factor

Male factor refers to those conditions that may cause a couple difficulty in conception that can be attributed to an abnormality in the male partner resulting in the inability to have sex or produce adequate number and quality of sperm to result in conception. These can include birth defects, acquired problems from sports trauma, pelvic injury, previous radiation or chemotherapy, or previous surgery such as hernia repair.

Evaluation of male factor involves a history taken in conjunction with the female partner’s history. This is usually completed on the initial consultation visit or shortly thereafter. The main laboratory evaluation of male factor is a semen analysis. A semen analysis is performed early in the couple’s evaluation and is an important consideration of treating the couple when taken in consideration with the factors discovered in the female partner. In many cases, the only factor discovered is an abnormal semen analysis, which is totally unexpected. Finding this early in the couple’s evaluation can save valuable time and reduce costs of unnecessary therapies and further frustration to the couple.

The semen analysis is performed by a specialty laboratory referred to as an Andrology laboratory. It involves and extensive evaluation of sperm count, motility (how the sperm move) and morphology (do the sperm appear normal). Expert interpretation of the semen analysis taking into consideration any other challenges the couple may experience leads to most efficient and effective therapies.

The team at Fertility & Endocrine Associates works closely with specialty trained urologists to evaluate and treat male factor. Any surgery required to correct a specific problem is performed by our urologic colleagues.

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