Testimonial: One Family’s Fertility Journey

When Karen C. and Amanda C. decided to start a family together, they came to us for help. Here, Karen describes their journey to have a baby, and their positive experience with Dr. Krause during that process. We are so grateful to have been able to help bring a new life into this wonderful couple’s world.

I don’t wish anyone the physical, emotional and financial pain of infertility, but I wish everyone the experience of working with a medical staff as wonderful as the one we encountered at Fertility & Endocrine Associates.

As with most medical issues, when we walked through the door for the first time, we had no idea what to expect. We only knew that the strangers inside the walls of this office had the potential power to determine how our family’s future would look.

We sat down with Dr. Krause for our first informational meeting and she, very patiently, used language and supporting documents easy for lay people to understand to explain to us our options for fertility treatment. We are not the typical couple Dr. Krause sees during the day, and she was intentional and proficient at adapting her more typical procedures to our more unique situation.

She also took the time to answer a laundry list of questions we brought to the meeting. We never felt rushed and never questioned that she was giving us not only accurate information, but information regarding all of our various options of how to move forward. We were then given the option to perform some tests that day in order to assess our situation and give us more information about how to move forward.

We were not prepared to being treatment right away but, nonetheless, Dr. Krause and her office made intentional contact with us throughout the next several months to check in, monitor some levels and provide prescriptions to put us in the best place possible when we were ready to actively pursue treatment. We never felt pressured or rushed. We were also never ignored or forgotten.

When we were ready to begin treatments we, together with Dr. Krause’s input, chose the best starting option for us. This meant we were at the office quite a bit more. We got to know everyone, from the front desk to billing to the medical assistants. They all demonstrated high standards of professionalism, investment in our success and comfort, knowledge and capability in their respective role and a respect for our privacy.

As seems to so often be the case in fertility treatment, our first plan of action was not a success. Dr. Krause helped us navigate the situation logistically, medically and emotionally. She helped guide us to picking the next logical course of treatment for us. She did not push her opinion but was not afraid to offer her advice when we requested her input, which always felt honest, well-intentioned and designed for our specific situation.

One of the most difficult things in our relationship over the years has been the knowledge that, when the time came for children, we would not be able to be alone together as two people creating a life from their love. I have always struggled with the idea of conceiving a child outside of the bedroom, in a clinical environment with a doctor present. However, if I had to have anyone involved in the creation of my child other than my spouse it would absolutely be Dr. Krause.

She created an environment of hope, an environment of partnership and an environment that lead, eventually, to our ability to conceive a child. A child created with the same, if not more, love than we could have created on our own. Each and every person — from the front desk, to billing, to medical assistants, to those drawing blood and those in the lab handling specimens — worked diligently, honestly and professionally to help make our family a possibility in the way that worked best for us.

I imagine that infertility can feel like the loneliest place in the world, but at Fertility & Endocrine we never felt alone. We always felt heard, partnered with, supported, encouraged and cared for in much the same way we do for each other and plan to do for our future child.

This review is not a result of success. I would be writing it even if our treatment had not been successful (and it really came so very close to not being a success) because even if the experience had not ended with a pregnancy, it would have, in no way, lessened the privilege it was for us to work with such a wonderful and caring group of competent and caring professionals as we were able to experience at Fertility & Endocrine Associates.

Thanks so much to Karen and Amanda for sharing!