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The FDA recently met to discuss a fertility procedure that would combine the genetic material of three people.

Although this scientific technology is exciting and, at first glance, seems a way to prevent inherited or genetic disorders, there are many potential problems associated. Where would the line be drawn between replacing genetic material to prevent a birth defect and replacing genetic material to assure a brown-eyed baby, rather than a blue? How about engineering the genes to make one gender or the other? A baby with a high I.Q. or one with athletic prowess? This technology is virtually the same as has been used in experiments surrounding the ability to “clone” another living being. There are many ethical and legal issues of concern yet to be resolved. Further, are we not a society that tries to celebrate our unique make ups and the differences between us? We have the science and interventions to screen for and prevent many birth defects already. More genetic development and research designed to increase these valuable activities would be preferable to creating “cookie cutter” babies!


Link to an article published by New York Times:

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