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Your Weight Matters!

        Whether your immediate concerns involve achieving a successful pregnancy or improving your general health, being overweight is a critical issue!  Excess weight is associated with many chronic health problems such as high blood pressure, adult onset diabetes, abnormal uterine bleeding and ovulation disorders.  Many women have struggled for years to lose weight and control the gain of more weight with very frustrating results!  Some people have believed that a “glandular” problem or a family history of relatives being “heavy” or “large” made it impossible to maintain normal body weight.  The reality is that virtually everyone can implement the life changes that will lead to a healthy weight and improved health (and fertility!)

       Although there are many weight reduction plans, books and programs available now, we believe that the most effective, most successful and most reasonable plan is your committed involvement in a Weight Watchers program.  The key is that this is a long established, very accessible program that will help you reduce your weight, maintain a healthy body weight and allow you to continue the program throughout your life.  There is even a plan for pregnant and nursing women.  It is very important for you to normalize your weight before you become pregnant to avoid the serious complications of pregnancy that may occur.  Miscarriage, pre-term labor and birth, critical problems with blood pressure and diabetes are only a few of the threats to both a mother and baby’s condition.

       If you have tried WW before…try again!  You have very good reasons for an even more motivated attempt!  You may want to ask a friend or family member to join you but maybe not…this is your priority!  We will support you in every way possible and wish you the best of success!!!!!!

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