An INVOcell IVF Success Story

Valentine’s Day this year was extra special for Holly Sanchez, because that’s the day she and her husband welcomed their beautiful daughter, Amelia. Holly says she began the journey to conceive her family dreams last year because she didn’t want to have any regrets.

“I’d been facing infertility for about 15 years and had never sought treatment,” she says. “My mom had cancer, but she had been given a Hail Mary when her cancer went into remission. I realized life is too short and I thought, well, she got her miracle. Maybe I’ll get mine. And that’s what made me decide to start the process with IVF.”

Holly did get her miracle, but sadly, her mother passed away a few days after she found out she was pregnant. That loss was devastating, but little Amelia brought some light back into Holly’s life. She was born thanks to one of the newest types of in vitro fertilization — INVOcell.

INVOcell follows the same basic process as traditional IVF, except instead of growing embryos in a lab setting, they are grown in a small device placed in the woman’s vagina. Click here to learn how it works.

A Fertility Journey Delayed

Holly had previously been diagnosed with a blocked fallopian tube, which makes getting pregnant more difficult. She was referred to Dr. Kit Devine, Nurse Practitioner at Fertility and Endocrine Associates, in January 2020, who immediately made her feel comfortable.

“Dr. Devine was very blunt and honest. She recommended that with just one tube being open, IVF was the best way to go,” Holly says. “She put my mind at ease that they wouldn’t go overboard with the costs. She said jumping to IVF first was better than waiting longer and trying other different types of fertility treatment. And she was right.”

One of the biggest benefits of using INVOcell is that it’s less costly than traditional IVF. “I had researched different IVF options before I went to see Dr. Devine,” Holly says. “I’d read up on INVOcell because it is so new. It was a whole lot cheaper, and I just felt like it was worth it to try. I said to myself, if it didn’t work, we would just be done and I wouldn’t have any regrets.”

Holly was due to start her ovulation stimulation medication on March 17, 2020, but the pandemic shutdown got in the way. Her treatment was rescheduled for the end of May when the office reopened.

A More Natural Type of IVF

Dr. Robert Homm and Dr. Devine performed Holly’s egg retrieval, collecting a total of 10 eggs, all of which were fertilized. They were then placed in INVOcell’s small, patented device, and Holly carried the device in her vagina to incubate the eggs. Eight embryos resulted.

“I was a little scared for the retrieval,” Holly says, “but Dr. Devine and Dr. Homm, they were so calming. And then finding out that we had that many embryos — getting to see the picture of the embryos — it was an amazing, amazing experience.”

Two of the embryos were transferred, with one leading to a successful pregnancy and the birth of her little girl. “We were incredibly lucky that it worked the very first time!” Holly says.

Incubating the eggs in her own body was a little strange at first, she says, but once she got used to the device, “It was kind of cool to know that I was really carrying our babies.” She adds that it was not uncomfortable or painful at all.

When Amelia is a year old, Holly and her husband will decide what to do with their frozen embryos. “I like that there’s an option to donate your embryos,” she says. “I’m 99% sure we’re going to donate the remaining six to other couples.”

A Supportive Environment

Holly was impressed by Dr. Devine’s fertility expertise, but also with the caring and compassion of the entire staff. “I had taken a pregnancy test before my first blood draw, and when I came in, I told the nurse that I’m pregnant,” she says. “She was jumping up and down and excited for me, too. When the blood test confirmed it, she was sharing in my excitement. It made me feel special.”

From start to finish, Holly and her husband felt completely supported by Fertility and Endocrine Associates. “I had a great experience with everybody, even the financial aid lady,” she says. “I cannot thank everyone at this clinic enough,” Holly says. “Finally, I feel as though my life is complete, and it is all thanks to them.”

She adds that she wouldn’t hesitate to recommend our practice to other couples who are struggling with infertility. “You are upfront and honest about finding the problem, trying to correct the problem and taking the best route. I would definitely, a hundred percent recommend you. I tell everybody!”

Thank you, Holly, for sharing your experience. Amelia is gorgeous, and we are so happy for you!

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