Here We Grow!

Fertility and Endocrine Associates announces office expansion

More couples are seeking expert fertility services than ever, and we at Fertility and Endocrine Associates want to be ready to meet that increased need. That’s why we’re pleased to announce the expansion and renovation of our space in Norton Medical Plaza!

We’ve added 1,705-square-feet of space adjacent to our existing offices, and we just finished some major infrastructure updates to our state-of-the-art IVF laboratory, part of our Louisville Reproductive Center. This is exciting news for our patients!

Our practice has added five exam rooms and two consultation rooms, more than doubling our current capacity. If you’ve been by our offices recently, you may have noticed our existing exam/ultrasound rooms, as well as all check-in and office administration areas, have been refreshed with new carpet, paint and wallpaper.

You may already know that we perform the latest in outpatient fertility treatments at Louisville Reproductive Center, including IVF. To stay current with the most advanced treatments and technologies, we enlisted expert advice from world-renowned chemical hygienist and in vitro fertilization laboratory design specialist Antonia Gilligan, of New Jersey-based Alpha Environmental Inc., for the recent renovations to our lab, where all the magic happens!

Human embryos cultured in an incubator are extremely sensitive to toxic contaminants in the air called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). To minimize the impact of VOCs on embryos incubated for IVF treatments, we’ve installed the very latest in specialized air handling systems. This new system provides the highest level of protection against VOCs. While we have consistently seen excellent results with IVF in the past, we can always do better. We expect this upgrade to increase our already high levels of protection against VOCs and improve embryo developments even more!

In addition, we’ve updated the Center’s lighting and storage areas. The layout of the lab has also been reconfigured to streamline embryo freezing and thaws, and allow even more embryos to be stored. Over the next six months, we plan to install new Modular Tri-Gas incubators, which will help minimize disturbances in the environment in which embryos develop, further improving our patients’ chances of getting pregnant.

With so many families waiting later in life to have children, the demand for fertility treatments continues to grow. We believe that increasing our capacity and enhancing our lab environment and technology is going to allow us to serve our patients better, and help more couples start or expand their families than ever before.

Let us know what you think of our upgrades the next time you’re in the office! To make an appointment, call us at (502) 897-2144.