What to Expect: Your First Visit with a Fertility Specialist

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If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while without any results, it might be time to see a fertility specialist. Whether you have been referred by your OB/GYN or are seeking care on your own, we know that taking the first step takes a lot of courage.

When new patients call us for a consultation, they are often nervous about what will happen during their first visit with our doctors. While we understand that trying anything new can be a little scary, we want to assure you that there’s nothing to worry about. Our team will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable, and ensure you fully understand the process.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your first visit.

Before Your Visit

When you contact us to set up an appointment, you’ll be asked to fill out paperwork online. We will provide you with a link to our intake forms. Please be as thorough as possible, as it will make your first visit go more smoothly.

We will then work with you to set up a convenient time for a consultation with one of our expert physicians. Remember, the more information you can provide to us before your visit, the better prepared we will be to get to the bottom of your fertility issues when we see you at the office.

When You Arrive

Our office is located at 4123 Dutchmans Lane, in a medical building next door to Norton Suburban Hospital. We suggest parking in the garage at Plaza 3, which is closest to the intersection of Dutchmans and Browns Lanes. Take the elevator or stairs from the garage to the fourth floor. Our office is located in Suite 414.

When you enter the reception area, check in at the front desk. We will confirm all of the personal information you shared online, as well as your insurance information. Please make sure you bring a valid ID and current insurance card with you.

Fertility Evaluation

During your consultation, mostly what you can expect is a lot of talking. Your fertility specialist will sit down with you to go over your comprehensive health history, and discuss any previous fertility treatments you may have had. After learning as much about you and your infertility journey as we can, your doctor will come up with a plan for testing, and options for treatment.

At the first visit, we generally don’t do a pelvic exam or transvaginal ultrasound, though there may be exceptions. We usually draw blood and initiate basic labs that are important for becoming pregnant, and any additional blood tests that may be needed in your specific situation.

Some of these might include testing certain hormone levels, like progesterone to help determine ovulation patterns, or AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) to help us evaluate your ovarian reserve. Other routine labs could include testing thyroid and vitamin D levels. Abnormalities in any these areas may contribute to fertility problems.

You can expect the conversation with your doctor and lab draws to take approximately one hour.

After Your Visit

Research shows that only about one-third of infertility is attributed to the female partner, and one-third to the male partner. The other third is usually caused by a combination of both. That’s why for any couple who comes to us, we always recommend evaluating both partners.

For men, testing usually starts with a semen analysis. We don’t usually do that on the first visit, but we’ll give you a kit for your partner to collect a sample at home, as indicated.

Once we have the results of your labs and the semen analysis, we’ll call you to set up a follow-up visit. At that time, we’ll perform a thorough physical exam and transvaginal ultrasound. We will then be ready to make a decision about the next steps in your treatment.

As your compassionate fertility specialists, we will make sure you know what to expect at every step of the way. And when we’re able to help you get pregnant, we’ll continue to monitor you during the early pregnancy until you are about eight weeks along. At that time, you will “graduate” to your OB/GYN for the remainder of your pregnancy.

Now that you know what to expect, we look forward to seeing you, and helping you conceive your family dreams! Call us to set up a consultation at (502) 897-2144.

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