Will my insurance pay for fertility treatment?

Insurance Covering Fertility Care

It depends… Some insurance plans include coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility , but not all do. Some plans cover diagnostic treatment up to the diagnosis of infertility, some offer coverage for fertility treatment but limit it to intrauterine insemination (IUI), and some offer coverage for all fertility treatment (diagnostic testing, IUI, ovulation induction IVF, etc.) but limit the number of treatments or the dollar amount of the benefit paid. Some insurance companies completely exclude coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. So, it is best to contact your health insurer to determine
1) whether you have coverage with your plan and
2) the limits of that coverage.

There are 15 states that mandate coverage for fertility treatment and, unfortunately, Kentucky and Indiana are not included in those states. But, if your employer is located in one of those states, you may have coverage. To see which states mandate coverage you can click on the following link: http://www.resolve.org/family-building-options/insurance_coverage/state-coverage.html.

If you learn that you have no coverage or limited coverage and need help financially, we offer affordable payment options through Advanced Reproductive Care (ARC). You can visit their website at www.arcfertility.com. ARC offers financing for all treatment in our practice. They also offer multiple cycle IVF packages that can reduce the cost of IVF treatment here at Fertility & Endocrine Associates and Louisville Reproductive Center.

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